Letter to the Editor (SD U-T) “Measure to cap gas emissions stalls in Senate” (6-22-08)

June 22, 2008
Regarding “Measure to cap gas emissions stalls in Senate” (News, June 7):
The Senate filibuster to halt debate of the Climate Security Act was disappointing, but hope was evident by the largest bipartisan support for climate legislation in history. Strong legislation now seems inevitable in the new presidency. Sadly, the filibuster was premised on fear-mongering about rising gas prices. Gas prices will rise regardless because China and India, in particular, are pressuring world oil prices up, our federal deficit is so high and dollar value diminishing, so foreign oil imports keep costing more. Do nothing and gas prices get uglier, faster, and the ransom for our fix cripples us. No thanks. Alternatively, we wean ourselves of oil by conserving, developing renewable energy sources and mass transit. The quadruple benefit of long-term energy savings and independence, reduced deficit and lower greenhouse gases may save us. Encouragement is nothing compared with the real incentive of prices barreling past $4 per gallon.
San Diego



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