Letter to the Editor (SD U-T) SDG&E Lacks Incentives for Solar (5-24-10)

The Sunrise Powerlink is a Trojan horse, decorated as a necessary means to convey green power to San Diego. The real benefit to SDG&E, however, is that the Public Utilities Commission can guarantee a rate of return on the $1.9 billion transmission line, paid by ratepayers, over the life of the line.

Current law does not allow SDG&E to profit by investing in a decentralized power system such as solar installed on rooftops throughout the county, even though that makes great sense.

Studies have shown a $1.9 billion investment in local renewables and some local line and station upgrades would make us virtually energy independent. Why doesn’t the state give SDG&E the opportunity to make a reasonable return on such a great local investment now? For $1.9 billion, I’d rather have abundant clean energy than just a transmission line.

San Diego


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