Letter to the Editor (SD U-T) re Fireworks (7-3-11)

In response to “Fireworks over fireworks” (Dialog, June 26): It is indisputable that fireworks produce smoke and hazardous wastes. Claiming there is no “real harm” or “significant threat” (“No evidence to back demand for costly studies”) – without even discussing the hazards – is misleading and suggests that dilution makes it acceptable. The same rationale has justified dumping partly treated sewage off Point Loma for decades.

San Diego’s air pollution is “moderate” almost every day, mostly because of vehicles. Year-round fireworks add to that. Our state’s asthma epidemic results from many contributors to air pollution, no doubt. I don’t know if a lawsuit is the best way to address the issue, but it is reasonable to have a debate regarding how fireworks impact our health and environment. Nobody’s patriotism needs to be questioned. — John Reaves, San Diego


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