Military lauded for green energy support – Letter to the Editor SD U-T (10-17-11)

I’d like to thank these senior military officers who authored “Why we must support clean energy: national security” (Opinion, Oct. 13) for their insight and clear direction. With the military urging prompt action to combat climate change and redouble our efforts to transition to clean energy, it is time our elected officials listened – and listened carefully.

Sadly, it seems to have become popular among some Republicans, including most of the presidential candidates, to speak with angry and dismissive rhetoric these days about climate change, regulation of greenhouse gases or the need to press forward now with clean energy. You have to hope the wisdom shared does not continue to fall on deaf and stubbornly uninformed ears.

When will the rational voices in both parties speak up? We need a price on carbon. — John H. Reaves, San Diego

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