Environmental inconsistency presented by the President in his State of the Union address. Letter to the Editor, SD U-T (1-26-12)

The president in his State of the Union address appealed to environmental issues inconsistently.

He promoted clean energy and expressed concern about climate change, yet he embraced all domestic energy sources, including shale oil, which is as dirty as the rejected Canadian tar sands and Keystone pipeline. He has embraced new coal plants and opened oil drilling in precarious Arctic waters under his administration. Such negatives counter a limited record supporting the environment (such as improved miles-per-gallon and mercury standards) and clean energy.

Environmentalists, especially those with concern about fiscal responsibility, have a real dilemma. Republicans are becoming the dangerous party of anti-science, oil-loyalty, rabid-anti-environmentalists, and Environmental Protection Agency abolition. Many Democrats pay lip service to a cleaner future, yet recklessly bloat spending and the national debt. Privately, all know a healthy environment is necessary to sustain us long-term, but few have the spine to advance the cause when there is any risk. – John H. Reaves, San Diego


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