Bravo to Researcher (Dr. Richard Muller)

Reprinted from Letters to the Editor in the San Diego Union Tribune (August 2, 2012)

Bravo to researcher

Regarding “Skeptic says he was wrong on causes of climate change” (July 31): Dr. Richard Muller has delivered two strong messages in less than a year. First, last fall he concluded two-thirds of historical world temperature readings were warmer than average which showed clear warming of the earth. Now, he says the only explanation for the warming is the build up of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. The Koch brothers funded him, hoping to expose shortcomings in the data. To the contrary, in both instances Muller showed the data used by climatologists are ultraconservative. I applaud Muller’s integrity and public statement of his findings. As key climatologists have been saying for years, the science is settled on climate change. Now is the time to switch to clean energy and reap all the benefits that accompany it, including clean air and energy independence. — John Reaves, San Diego


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