Letter to the Editor regarding “U.S. Roasts to Record Hottest Year by Far”

Reprinted from San Diego Union Tribune Letters to the Editor (1-10-13)

The hot topic

Signs are staring us in our face: Record U.S. heat – 34,008 high [records] compared to 6,664 low records. Record Arctic and Antarctic ice melts. Superstorm Sandy. Freakish, super-destructive tornadoes and prolonged droughts. Greater heat adds moisture to the atmosphere, triggering more extreme weather – predicable consequences of global warming. Worldwide, the warming trend continues but could be worse. The cooling La Nina pattern has compensated for several years, and solar activity has been lower for 30. When the warming El Nino returns, and the sun’s energy output increases, heat records and human misery will skyrocket. Humanity gets burned by inaction. Demand Congress tackle the climate cliff: wean us off fossil fuels fast. Place a fee on polluting carbon so we all share incentive to reduce. Return the fees to our citizens to help the transition. Charge nations without fees a tariff on imports to protect us and encourage replication.  John H. Reaves, San Diego

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