Keystone XL Pipeline opposition LTE

From the San Diego Union Tribune (printed February 2, 2013)

The paper’s editorial supporting the Keystone XL pipeline (“Time for Obama to reverse Keystone stand,” Jan. 26) shows the ideological shift of the paper’s new management and disregard for science. In the past, the paper acknowledged the science shows climate change is occurring as a result of fossil fuels and that we need to address the problem. Now, however, the paper says “The environmental risks (of Keystone) are minimal.”

Dr. James Hansen and countless other climatologists vehemently disagree. Hansen says it is “game over” for the climate if Keystone is approved. Why? Because a massive carbon bomb will be released if the tar sands are exploited that will force CO2 and global temperature to far overshoot acknowledged dangerous levels. Also, the scale of the Florida-size devastation resulting from scouring the earth to access bitumen, and loss carbon-absorbing forests, are hard to fathom.

We need to push for an international treaty to keep all tar sands in the ground. – John H. Reaves, San Diego

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