Climate Debate Heats Up (Letter to the Editor)

Reprinted from San Diego Union Tribune, May 22, 2013.
Letter to the Editor in response to Lamar Smith’s opinion, “Needed: Better Debate on Climate and Energy” (San Diego Union Tribune, May 21, 2013).

Lamar Smith’s dogmatic view of climate is exactly why climate change will soon split the Republican Party. It is embarrassing that Smith, Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, refuses a hard look at the science. Over 97% of peer-reviewed climatologists say fossil fuels are causing climate change. Yet Smith is essentially calling them (and we who heed their caution) fools while repackaging disproven pro-industry sound bytes against climate science – designed to stop innovation (their competition) and U.S. leadership. He presses for dirtier, unconventional fuels the same week CO2 dangerously crossed 400 parts per million. Shame on this paper for republishing propaganda. We need a revenue-neutral carbon fee and rebate, and removal of fossil fuel tax incentives, to start course correction.

John H. Reaves

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