Some Regulation Needed for Well-Being. Letter to Editor San Diego Union Tribune

Reprinted from San Diego Union Tribune Oct. 29, 2013


Regarding the “Regulation gone wild” duo of op-eds (“Fixing California,” Oct. 27), the U-T’s regular diatribe against environmentalists — do what you want with property and business and kill regulation reflecting environmental concerns — is myopic and old.

We have a large population with competing views on the need and cost of preserving diminishing natural resources, reducing pollution, and fighting climate change. There is always a tug of war between government creating regulations to protect broader interests and the narrow interests of business and property owners. Yet, without them, we often see the “tragedy of the commons.”

The auto industry fought California’s requirement of technology-forcing catalytic converters a few decades ago, but massive improvements in air quality resulted, despite more people and cars. Climate change is today’s front.

I don’t agree with all governmental regulation, but promoting environmental values while balancing economic interests is essential to our well-being. That’s not extreme.

John H. Reaves

San Diego

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