Mediation Practice (Watch Video)

John Reaves on Environmental Mediation.

John Reaves is credentialed as a mediator through the National Conflict Resolution Center, a world-recognized mediation training center. He co-founded the Land Use and Environmental Mediation Group, a division of NCRC.

He decided to become a mediator as a way to offer parties an opportunity to try to resolve matters on their own with the help of a neutral facilitator as a way to avoid the strain, uncertainty, time, and expense of litigation.

He is available to act as mediator in a wide variety of disputes and cases ranging from business disputes, neighborhood problems, and family conflicts, to environmental conflicts such as contamination claims, environmental insurance disputes, CEQA, solar and other renewable energy facilities siting, aquifer overdrafting, opposition to development plans, and other stakeholder conflicts.

Please note the mediator service is NOT available to firm clients as the mediator must be neutral to all the parties in a mediation.

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